Sreenethra Eye Care Fostering vision for life
Sreenethra Eye Care Fostering vision for life
Sreenethra Eye Care Fostering vision for life

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Sreenethra Eye Care

Sreenethra group of hospitals is the foremost provider of eye care in South India. Their newly launched referral center South Asian Centre for Ophthalmic Care is a jewel in the crown that now provides the tertiary treatment options for the most complex eye conditions cost effectively.


To offer a solution of affordable healthcare to all patients with compromised vision and eye problems


To achieve excellence in the field of ophthalmology by providing high quality, state-of-the -art affordable, easily accessible and safe diagnostic and treatment options to patients requiring comprehensive and specialized eye care.


Personalized eye care, delivering excellent and reproducible results, high ethical principles, ensure high quality and trusted protocol, We value team work-across departments, among patients, public, other professionals and service providers.


We offer full range of ophthalmic services in association with other departments including cardiology,ENT,General medicine,neurology and anaesthesia.

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See what our patients say

Well managed starting from helpdesk to final treatment. Great service! Very efficient and soft spoken staff. Very much organized. One of the best eye hospital.

Sanju Nath

One of the best eye hospitals in Trivandrum. Staffs and doctors are very friendly and professional. Thankyou for your service

Akhil kumar

Very much satisfied with the service of the Doctors, nurses and other staff members. Very friendly and smiling. I highly recomend the place for everyone searching eye care.